PhpED 5.9 Review

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PROS / This application has comprehensive color schemes for code syntax.

CONS / There's no spell-checker.

VERDICT / This application is missing a few elements, but has other helpful features.

The application PhpED from NuSphere is a comprehensive PHP editor that covers most of the basics. It has an easy-to-use interface with a lot of great help and support but is missing a few features such as a spell-checker and preview option for basic, non-scripted pages. If you can get past these shortcomings, you'll find this is a powerful PHP editor.


The features included with this PHP editor are what we typically expect. It's got a code validation checker, a debugger, syntax highlighting and a built-in browser. The syntax highlighter is one of the most comprehensive we've seen. It highlights each coding language in a different color scheme so you know at a glance whether the section is HTML, PHP or JavaScript. All of the colors can be changed to suit your own personal preference as well. While all of these are practically essential for quick and accurate coding, there were some limitations. The built-in browser only displays when the debugger is run. If you have a page with strictly HTML and no scripts, you can't look at it in the PHP toolkit but instead have to use an external browser window. One key feature that's missing is a spell-checker. While the option to check the syntax of the code is valuable, we also feel it is important to check the text of the site to remove any accidental spelling mistakes that could lower your credibility. Overall, this PHP software application offers a wide variety of options that are useful when you work with PHP scripts, though it doesn't have all of the features we feel are important in a PHP editor.

Ease of Use

This application is set up in a standard PHP editor format with a main window to house the text editor and a variable workspace with the different windows for running the debuggers, log files and file navigator. This PHP development software application does come with a hover support, which we find invaluable. When the mouse hovers over a code the alt tag that pops up will show what the value is of the variable. This makes it really easy to see how the codes fit together with one another. We were also pleased with the options to add bookmarks, drag and drop text around and between various windows, and the find and replace. All of these elements together make using this PHP development software application fairly simple, even if you aren't a master programmer.

Help & Support

One of the things that impressed us the most with NuSphere's PHP editor was the available tutorials. These short videos were packed with information on utilizing the application to the fullest. Some of the tutorials covered the debugger, code completion, navigation features and web services. If you want more information about the application, you can also use the built-in help. They also provide a telephone number and an email form that you can fill out for more personalized help with a project. Overall, the support offered by NuSphere was top-of-the-line and very convenient.


PhpED from NuSphere is an above-average PHP editor. It is missing a few important elements, but it has some really helpful features like the syntax highlighter and hover support. This isn't a catch-all PHP editor, but it has most of the features you'll need.